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Simple Style Swap | One Client's Before & After

It’s eye opening to see how very simple tweaks to an outfit can completely shift self-perception & the message you’re sending the world.

When my client Kerstin & I held our initial consultation, she mentioned after having 2 children, she developed feelings of boredom in her style & found she was too influenced by others when it came to making buying decisions. She was looking to regain confidence & the ability to put together looks that were comfortable, chic & pulled together.

We all have our perceived flaws. For Kerstin, it was her tummy. Many women after childbirth might take on characteristics of an apple body type, carrying weight around the tummy & above their hips. Therefore, we worked on keeping the focus on her assets (legs & chest) versus allowing her to sink into a negative space where flaws are all we see.

Kerstin has a great figure that’s quite proportional. Her petite & primarily rectangular body means she should 1st focus on elongating her body, then seek out options that will highlight her lean frame & give the illusion of more curves. After assessing her style (sporty & feminine), we found she favors comfort & low maintenance fabrics while still gravitating toward romantic details such as lace & fringe. Being aware of body & style types are just the 1st steps in any style journey. Next, comes the how-to knowledge & practice of dressing in the most flattering way that makes you feel your best.

In her 1st selection, Kerstin did a good job in choosing a dimensional cardigan layered over jeans, a lacy tank, booties & a hobo bag. Overall, the look works but to make it feel more flattering for her frame, I changed up the base of the look, swapping out the blue jeans & purple lace w/ a monochrome theme which helps to sooth the eyes from too much distraction or breaks in an outfit. Those who are petite must be careful not to break up the body into too many parts since it will only make you appear shorter.

Her 2nd choice was also okay, but I wanted to help create her desired proportions. Swapping out the puffer vest & black round neck w/ a tailored blazer & V-neck helps to lengthen the upper body. The tasteful black-heeled booties show off her lean stems. And finally, instead of going for a large tote, we toned it down w/ a small cross-body bag that helps draw the eyes up & down rather than side to side.

Each time I work w/ a new client, I LOVE seeing the difference in the way they stand before & after. It’s a sign that they are walking away from their style revamp feeling more positive & confident! Before, Kerstin felt bored & stuck in her ways. Now, I see a woman who’s reclaimed her style & put a little flare back in her style!

*** Written for City Weekend Shanghai

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Ransom Wingo

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