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QUICK TIP | Mixing Prints

So many questions come up when trying to master this skill:

How do we know when a little bit of clashing turns into TOO much?

Is this print too bold? Do these colors complement each other?

Do the stripes compete too much with the dots?

Can my boyfriend actually hear my confusion?

We should be thoughtful when experimenting with mixing prints. If it’s done haphazardly, we run the risk of looking like the leftovers at a vintage store.

So, to relieve you from the madness that is mixing & matching prints, here’s some advice from us to you!

A good starting point is trying out neutrals or using a common color.

▲ Black & White

WHY IT WORKS: The different scales in the stripes & the black & white color scheme throughout, makes it eye catching, yet easy on the eyes. Adding a 3rd piece with the polka dot jacket is the icing on the cake that takes the look to another level!

▲ Neutrals

WHY IT WORKS: Stripes also work with bold prints as they essentially function as a neutral. Pair it with textured trousers & you’ve got a triple threat!

WHY IT WORKS: Here’s another example of how you can use stripes as a neutral even while wearing a colorful print. Simply choose a color from the trousers (in our example we chose blue) & carry it over in your choice of top & jacket.

Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

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