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Style the Bump | 7 Days, 7 Ways

When you’re growing a human life inside your belly, there are so many changes happening around you, one of them being your waistline! I’ve been adopting new styles & silhouettes due to these changes & wanted to share a bit of insight on how to maintain your own personal style despite a changing body.

Style the Bump | Day 1

Who woulda thunk it? Overalls on a python that looked like she just swallowed a hippo?

While maternity jeans are the comfiest things since memory foam mattresses, it’s important to get a bit more creative from time to time. A flattering pair can be hard to find but a little stretch goes a long way! Layer it over a black tee & Toms to keep it comfy, cute & casual when bopping around town w/ a busy schedule to attend to. Be sure to keep it fitted or you’ll risk looking like a hefty farmer!

Style the Bump | Day 2

Jumpsuits may not be the best option for when you’re so preggos you gotta pee every 5 minutes BUT if you’re gonna to go for it - this zip-up jumpsuit allows for easy access ;) I bought this Alexander Wang jumper before I was preggers & never got around to wearing it because looking in the mirror once home, I felt like a giant baby in a onesie…. Now, w/ a bun in my oven, I love how cute & diff it is from the normal maternity wear uniform. It’s vertical seam & zipper detailing helps draws the eyes up & down rather than side to side. Pair it w/ sneakers for a dressed down, comfy, yet chic look.

Style the Bump | Day 3

When you’re in that awkward in between phase of, “do you think she’s pregnant or just gained a few pounds?” we say, go bold or go home! There’s no hiding le bump in this tee! Comfort is key but we don’t need to sacrifice style either – playing w/ silhouettes w/ a pair of black harem pants, Le Bump tee (custom made from Taobao ;) & a cozy cardi are the perfect combo; topped off w/ the hands-free harness bag of every woman’s dreams because who has enough hands to carry it all?

Style the Bump | Day 4

All black everything is super slimming & that’s never a bad thing! To elevate the look & show off the bump, try adding a belt or in this case, a leather harness, to create a nice empire waist. Highlighting the thinnest part of the torso – now, being right under the bust line, will help to slim & elongate your frame.

Style the Bump | Day 5

With all the changes going on (ie: boobs growing from an A-cup to a D-cup & a belly the size of a butternut squash), you don’t wanna overwhelm your frame w/ TOO much material, as it would just end up making you look bigger & frumpier. So, make sure, when wearing something oversized, not to hide your other assets. In this case, we can highlight the legs when pairing this sweatshirt dress w/ over the knee boots. For a little extra warmth, throw on a pair of black leggings or tights.

Style the Bump | Day 6

Just because there’s a baby on the way, doesn’t mean the statement-making looks need to come to a halt. This A-line jacket, while featuring a classic silhouette, makes quite the statement w/ its colorful embroidery. Color blocking, whether w/ an open jacket or a cardigan, is a great tool to slim down the torso. Think again before reaching for your leggings & take it to the next level w/ elevated fabrics & details, such as leather or vinyl.

Style the Bump | Day 7

Don’t forget about date night! This jumpsuit, featuring a flattering, deep v-neckline- aka: showing off the girls since it’s the first time in my life that I actually have a full chest- helps to elongate the frame & slim the torso. Accessorizing is important in adding interest – here, I chose a leather tie belt, boyfriend style blazer, statement necklace & strappy heels.

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Little Dragon

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