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Runway to Real-way

Just as history repeats itself, fashion trends are perpetually recycled & reinterpreted over the years. Interpreting the trends each season is a test in creativity in that we’re utilizing already owned items & making them feel just as current as what’s on the runway.

Pimped Out Parachute

One major trend this season is the parachute style. This comes in the form of water resistant jackets, jumpsuits & dresses. Adopting this trend doesn’t necessarily mean dressing like a professional skydiver. We can find functionality & style in a more subtle manner.

When we wear a cute outfit to the gym, we psychologically trick ourselves into having more fun while working out. The same applies here; if we have a kick ass parachute raincoat for those dreary days, we won’t dread being out in bad weather!

Fanny Pack Comeback

Many have tried & few have succeeded but this time around it looks like fanny packs are on the rise. Now, w/ more differentiation in the styles & textiles offered, the popular opinion that fanny packs should exclusively be worn by dorks in the 80’s & on moms & dads at Disney world in the 90’s is shifting. Now your cool cousin is wearing one at Coachella & maybe you should too!

Not only are fanny packs practical (who else is tired of giant tote bags filled w/ junk?!), but there are alternate ways of wearing them. Sport them diagonally & across your back, slung over 1 shoulder, around the smallest part of your waist or around the hips.


It seems like over the last decade or so we’ve seen different variations of asymmetric styles season after season. A hit on the runways for spring was a new take on said asymmetrical styles featuring necklines w/ artful draping, cut outs, peek-a-boo shoulders & more!

These unique necklines will make any outfit instantly more chic & feminine. The diagonal lines draw the eye inward versus side to side making this style quite flattering for a slightly wider frame.

As w/ any trend, don’t buy it just because it’s popular. We’re all unique & that can be celebrated through our style. Be sure to keep an eye on the pieces hiding in the back of your closet & you may find that you can interpret a trend in your own way w/out actually purchasing anything new at all!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally,,

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