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QUICK TIP | Mixing Textures

If you find yourself wearing a look that’s falling flat, try injecting some texture to add more visual interest. By introducing fabrics like leather, fur, cashmere, suede or tweed, you’re adding a layer of dimension, giving the eye more excitement.

An all black ensemble is an easy way to implement texture. Use layers to add more complexity. Instead of using all items that come off as two dimensional, you can elevate the look by swapping out jeans with leather leggings and choosing a boucle blazer or angora cardigan as your 3rd item.

The contrast of the structured leather jacket with the softness of tulle & fur makes the look more dynamic due to the varying textures.

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Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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