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Accessories Are This Gal’s BFF

In a world where trends are practically coming in & out of style every other day, we may find ourselves hopelessly trying to keep up. Rather than spend time & inordinate sums of cash on pieces you’ll want to throw away next week, we can stay ahead of the game by overcoming the urge to read every article listing the “Top 33 Must-Have Autumn Trends” & learn to develop our own sense of style.

While my own style is generally quite minimal, I’ve taken the route of adding interest through accessories. All of my go-to accessories can be described as: simple, timeless & statement making. With simplicity comes sophistication. With timelessness comes everlasting style. And w/ bold statements comes unforgettable impact.

One of my favorite accessories, a black head wrap from Korea (500 RMB), is the perfect combination of my three criteria. Not only does it take any look to the next level, it’s also something I don’t need to think about when getting dressed, AND it saves time & covers up a bad hair day!

Next, since I’m not one to carry around heavy tote bags (as many women know, the bigger the bag, the more sh*t we end up carrying), when I came across this Nicholas K harness bag (3500 RMB) during my European summer travels, I knew I had to have it. Worn like a vest w/ compartments lined around the bottom, makes it one of the most functional items I own. It can easily be thrown on over just about anything & it has just enough space to fit the necessities. It’s perfect for running errands around town, as it’s hands-free & practical. The edginess it brings to any look is an added bonus!

And lastly, this stunning necklace & ring set pictured above is yet another favorite of mine. This set comes from Shanghai-based, Canadian designer, Angie Wu of AWÜ Fine Jewelry (4800 RMB). Angie has always been drawn by architectural surfaces, mathematical patterns & material textures; perhaps that’s why I immediately fell in love w/ her designs. They were the perfect combination of simplicity, elegance & certainly leave an impression.

AWÜ Fine Jewelry can appeal to just about everyone as the collections vary in design aesthetic, theme & price points (ranging from 380-5000 RMB). It'll make the perfect holiday gift! It’s important to remember that while some of these items may not fit into your monthly spending allowance, it doesn’t mean they’re unattainable. There are an abundance of similar items out there for every budget & style!

For contact info & showroom address, refer to

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Little Dragon

Translator: Clive Lyn

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