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AW 2017/18 | Runway to Real way

Likely w/out even batting an eye, we find ourselves following current trends in one way or another, but many of us can’t decipher how the items we buy are merely toned-down translations of the haute couture collections we see on the runway each season.

This autumn, we see trends ranging from classic western style & Victorian collars to boxy shoulder pads & glittery boots. (Warning: do not wear all these styles simultaneously!) We’ve chosen 3 trends from the season & taken them from the runway to the real way.

▼ Matrix Moment

Full vinyl looks walk a fine line between spy & dominatrix. To play this trend down a bit & make it more appropriate for those of us w/ normal jobs, think about breaking up an eye-catching pair of leather leggings w/ something of a varying texture, like a wooly poncho.

▼ Bougie Blanket

Rarely would we ever find the opportunity to wear a kaftan made of the same material as a puffer coat or grandma’s favorite quilt. If you want to celebrate the blanket trend w/out looking like you brought your bed w/ you, you can try an oversized down scarf or even a down coat with a more unique shape.

▼ Think Pink

If you own as much black clothes as we do, you probably can’t see yourself in any body encompassing bright colors. While several models donned shades of pink ranging from neons to pastels down the runway, we could only imagine using it in smaller doses by pairing a pink clutch & lip color w/ a printed bomber jacket.

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Little Dragon


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