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7 Style Types

For many, shopping sounds like a tedious chore. As soon as we enter the store, the options become overwhelming and wash away any preconceived notions. Some of us wind up buying so much unnecessary crap but still gravitate towards the same things. Others force trends they never should have picked up in the first place. How can we avoid a closet full of clothes with the tags still attached?

With all the sensory overload out there, understanding the 7 style types really helped me hone in on who I really am. Why try and fake the funk? Why should I wear more color? Why should I try to be more sophisticated or creative? We can fall anywhere from 2-5 of these categories, however, the style types are NOT to be taken too literally. For example:


This hardly means you’re an all-star athlete but rather that you value comfort, don’t like fuss and need your clothes to be functional.


This doesn’t automatically mean you’re a conservative republican with family values, but rather that you gravitate toward pieces that have a classic appeal.


You aren’t always wearing black tie or walking down a red carpet but do prefer monochrome or neutral tones and a simple, tailored look.


For the drama queens out there, you won’t necessarily find yourself resonating with the dramatic style type as this one simply means those who lean toward more sophisticated, architectural or exaggerated styles.


You may not be a starving artist but perhaps you enjoy injecting a bit of surprise in your wardrobe, like a pair of fancy socks or detailed layers.


Let’s not get the wrong idea here – alluring simply means you’re more daring in your style choices. Perhaps you’re most comfortable with a snug fit, like body-con dresses or bold colors & prints such as red & leopard print.


This doesn’t mean you have a closet full of floral print dresses but that you enjoy femininity, softer color palettes, and light, flowy fabrics.

For example: A client of mine believed blazers just weren’t for her. She felt that they were stuffy and only office appropriate. Once we established her body type and style types (traditional, elegant, and creative), I had her try on a few in an effort to show her that not all blazers were created equal.

The first was a white linen blazer. She, of course, was unimpressed due to the lack of structure and how the fabric was wrinkly – characteristics of someone who resonates more with the sporty style type. Next, I showed her a tweed blazer and that completely changed her tune! This could be because tweed gives off a rather elegant feel, which will in turn elevate a look rather than make it feel more casual like linen. We paired it w/ a simple pair of denim & she was sold!

Sometimes we are too quick to judge or write things off before we even know the real reason. So before your next shopping spree, I encourage you to start with five of your favorite items: The pieces you choose should be those that you feel your best in. You’ll begin to notice patterns in the colors, fabrics, styles, and silhouettes that speak to you. You might be surprised how much intuition can guide you when you actually take the time to notice. Everyone evolves throughout his or her lives & their clothes/style should reflect that!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographs from:

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