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Hair Flair | The Best Styles for Your Face Shape

The hair atop our heads represents something different for everyone. Some of us love to change it up while others are content to wear the same style for decades.

To each their own of course, but if you happen to be thinking of a change a great way to choose a new style is by determining your face shape.

Take a look in the mirror.... Close one eye & trace your face on the mirror.


- Forehead is wider than chin

- Prominent cheekbones

- Gradually tapers into a narrow oval chin

Best Cut - Much like the hourglass body type, an oval shaped face is considered to be the most balanced & therefore those w/ oval faces can pull off almost any cut. You can go for beachy waves or even bolder yet, an asymmetrical pixie.


- Forehead, cheekbones, & jawline are all about the same width

- Can tend to have a prominent chin

- Elongated appearance​

Best Cut - Those w/ long slender faces can pull off va va va volume. Whether you have long hair or prefer to keep it short, you can rock curls & side swept looks.


- Face is almost as wide as it is long

- Widest at the cheeks​

Best Cut - Try long layers - this draws the eye downward & doesn’t add width to the cheeks. If you’re looking to go short then angular, tousled layers work best for you (or a hella short pixie cut for the really brave ones)!


- Similar width of forehead, cheekbones & jawline

- Squared jaw is notable feature

Best Cut - The sharper features of square faces call for a cut that doesn’t accentuate harshness. A diamond shaped cut that’s longer in the back & shorter in the front will create a nice soft contrast. If you want to go short, a bob w/ subtle side bangs emphasizing the cheekbones rather than jawline.


- Similar to oval, however the chin tapers to a point

Best Cut - Heart shaped faces can pull off full bangs or center parts better than other face shapes. Keeping the length above the shoulders also can help to balance the face by adding fullness around the jaw.


- high & angular appearance

- Somewhat short forehead

- Face is widest at the cheekbones

Best Cut - Angular diamond faces still carry a similar shape to oval faces allowing for the ability to wear just about any cut. A short pixie w/ dimension in color & layers combed front into an edgy fringe will look awesome as will a shoulder length cut w/ a full side bang & choppy layers throughout.

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographs from: &

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