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1 Item 5 Ways | The White Blazer

White tends to fly under the radar as a commonly worn neutral. Perhaps the fear of coffee stains is the cause or maybe black just became the go to. But it seems that nowadays, people are more open to taking risks, pushing aside the normal corporate attire, and realizing that it’s just as acceptable to wear stark white, bold red or even bright hues of blue. Just look to the White House’s leading lady for reference.

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When we have a closet staple piece like the blazer, we should never be at a loss for styling options, and as I’ve been working on slimming down my closet for a more minimal lifestyle, I’ve found it necessary to use my imagination and put extra thought into mixing & matching the few pieces I have in more diverse and unique ways.

1. Cleaned-up Casual ▲

A black base can sometimes get boring, so instead of gravitating to jeans again, I chose a comfortable harem pant/crop top combo and layered on the blazer, showing off a more unique way to look pulled together, yet feel comfortable all day. It’s Hammer Time!

2. Backstage Blazer ▲

When was the last time you thought to throw on a blazer over your tee-shirt and shorts? Blazers are typically associated with work, but try to look at it as a light jacket instead. Wear it with a pair of high-waist jean shorts and your favorite worn-in band t-shirt!

3. Married to Monochrome ▲

We may rarely venture out in all white, but when we do, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Go for high contrast combinations and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement! Just a touch of black and a statement necklace to really pull the look together.

4. Bedroom to Boardroom ▲

A shapeless silky slip might be associated with sleepwear. However, with slip dresses being a huge trend this year, we’re often seeing them styled with a jacket or multiple layers. Here, the eye-catching white gives the outfit interest, dimension, and creates more shape in pairing the untailored dress with a tailored blazer.

5. Chic Stripes ▲

Don’t be afraid to wear something with a little more volume on the bottom, like these striped culottes. A longer blazer can sometimes be overwhelming on top of a wide leg pant so, opt for a fitted crop top to show a sliver of skin and roll up out sleeves to help balance out the proportions!

If you’re someone that aims to live more & own less, fill your closet with items that are as versatile as you are. The multiple uses for just one item may not be obvious at first glance, but with some creative flair and no fear of blurring the lines between conventional and crazy, you just might surprise yourself!

*** Written for City Weekend

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Maxim VDN

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