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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping

1. Not shopping for your body type

Lets face it, we don’t live in a cookie cutter world that allows for everyone to rock the same styles & silhouettes. Our bodies are all incredibly different & that’s what makes life so interesting (& can make shopping seem like an uphill battle).

It’s important to learn our body types so we can easily navigate our way around a store & seek out sizes, cuts & styles that work for us.

2. Ignoring fit or the need for a tailor

FIT IS KEY. If too tight, it’ll show off those fluffy bits you may want to conceal & if too baggy, you’ll wind up drowned in fabric. If you can’t find the perfect fit, always go up a size & become BFF’s w/ a reliable tailor! (I have just the one for anyone’s who’s interested!)

3. Blindly following trends

Following the seasonal trends are not always the best way to shop. No one wants to look outdated, but trends come & go for a reason. While we do love to be aware of them, we can’t necessarily adopt them all for several reasons: Having to spend more money on trendy items each season, a lack of longevity & not all trends work for everyone.

Wear what feels authentic to you & your personality – in the end, you’ll be happier w/ your purchases & you’ll feel more confident in your clothes!

4. Buying colors which do not suit your skin tone

Color & knowing which ones work for you boils down to actual science, but intuition can play a part here too. Color reflects upwards, so if you find yourself loving the color of a top but it’s making your face look pale or sallow, try finding the same color in a pant or an accessory that can be worn away from your face!

5. Getting seduced by sale

Who doesn’t love a good sale? We all love the idea of saving money but before buying that chunky cardigan, make sure to visualize at least three items in your closet that you can wear it w/, make sure it fits & ask yourself if you’ll wear it next season; if not, there are probably better investments to make!

6. Splurging on the wrong pieces

Spend that extra money on quality basics that will take you through years of use rather than a few months! Figuring out the cost per wear can also help you decide if it’s actually worth the investment!

***To find your personal body type, style type, or color analysis – book for a consultation today!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Images: From Pinterest & Redbookmag

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