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What It's Really Like to Work w/ a Stylist

When you hear the words “personal stylist” strung together in a sentence, you may feel it’s a luxury, but we guarantee it’s nothing like a weekend away at a five star hotel ;)

Many people think to hire a stylist only after they’ve gotten their shit together (ie: lost the baby weight or cleaned out their closet), however, working w/ a stylist isn’t about having money to throw away, but rather, investing in yourself for the long-term. It may even propel you into a new sense of self & provide you w/ the necessary motivation to reach your goals, because when we feel confident & happy, we attract that same energy.

Inviting an objective eye into your closet can put you in a vulnerable state – no one said a full wardrobe revamp would be easy! It takes commitment, trust, honesty, and a willingness to learn & get out of our accustomed habits. It’s about knowing that you deserve to feel good, to love & accept yourself, just the way you are.

It starts w/ understanding your body, knowing your assets, your perceived flaws & pinpointing your style type. Then it becomes easier to identify the message you want to send.

The most rewarding thing I get from working w/ my clients is seeing the change in the way they stand in front of the mirror. They often tell me they finally feel like themselves. The fact that I can empower people to empower themselves through the art of dressing is simply awesome.

1. “Rui understood my personality & style & was able to completely update & reorganize my wardrobe. I wanted to simplify my life, be comfortable, yet fashionable. I now not only have a wardrobe I love, but we were also able to change a lot of my old clothes to feel like new! Also, I now have a much better understanding of how certain styles look on my body & I notice how I shop very differently. I feel Rui has not only helped me w/ my closet at hand but showed me how to be more aware of what I like & need for future purchases.” - Charlotte

2. “Working w/ Rui has been great! She helped me understand my body type & we got a well-tailored suit. I lost 5 kg w/out even going to the gym!” – Neil.

3. “Who knew white jeans (yes.. WHITE) & a navy top would be more flattering than boot-cut jeans & a ruched black jersey top? Turns out, for ME, that is the case. That is the best part… everyone is different & has different issues & Rui really taught me how to dress for MY body type.” – Lili

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

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