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Fashion Inspired By Art

When I spotted Redic at Shanghai Fashion Week last year, like a magnet, something about him just stuck. He beamed with kindness, confidence and style.

It seemed to me right off the bat that this guy has out-of-this world creativity running through his veins. And to give our readers some colorful insight on how to integrate more artistic flare into not only our wardrobes, but also our daily lives, I couldn’t think of a better person to ask.

Redic is not only an avant-garde fashion designer, but his entire being is centered on expressing himself through art. He’s also a renown visual artist, poet, singer and songwriter. In other words, he’s a rare breed because unlike many artists who focus on just one art form, Redic aspires to link multidiscipline of art and creative outlets as often as he can.

As someone who tends to veer towards all things minimal, it’s always exciting to gain a new perspective from another who is attracted to the opposite side of the spectrum.

Taking inspiration from art can mean different things for everyone. Maybe you love something a bit more geometric found in the likes of Piet Mondrian or Ilya Bolotowsky or perhaps much like Redic’s works, you’re one for the of unconventional materials such as mixed media artist like Noah Purifoy or Simon Rodia. Nonetheless, we can find inspiration in all art forms, even music.

From there, Redic and I offer up some tips on how we can translate and incorporate art into our everyday style:

IDENTIFY a few artists whose work speaks to you. This could even come from art that isn’t in the form of a painting. Close your eyes and visualize what it might look like on you! From a practical standpoint, pick a few dominant shades from the artwork and then pull the garments from your closet (colors that are close to what you visualized). Top designers like Ralph Simmons do this all the time and call it "pulling inspiration ".

IMAGINE and leave the big name brands we all know and love behind to explore your imagination! Hop into a vintage shop, customize, tailor-make a piece, which reflects the art. For example, if you ever catch Redic around the city in a feathered tailored blazer he is actually drawing inspiration from his dream catchers painting series!

ACCESSORIZE by showing off your vision through a funky pair of statement glasses that is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s infamous pop art.

EXPERIMENT and don’t be afraid to play with color, layers, prints and patterns! For example, many of Redic’s pieces utilize not only paint but also mixed materials such as feathers, mirrors, or yarn, which he also brings into his fashion sense and design. Combine several pieces with varying textures, mix prints, or introduce bold color combos.

CONFIDENCE will make you shine when you allow yourself to follow your own senses and what resonates with you. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be you!

And as always, remember that art and fashion come in many forms that can be interpreted and translated uniquely from one person to the next. No two visions are entirely the same. Have fun and make it your own!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

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