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The Look: How to Pack Smart for a Holiday

Summer vacation is upon us, and packing, especially for long periods of time or for different climates can certainly be a daunting task. Whether you’re going away for a week or two months, my best packing tip comes in the form of a capsule wardrobe. While they may not be feasible for our closets, capsule wardrobes are actually the most efficient way to pack for a trip.

When you begin your packing saga, try to abide by the following rules:

Photo from A Pair & A Spare

- Stick to 80 percent neutral and basic items to allow for easier combinations, but if you want to mix it up and make an impact, allow for 20 percent statement-making pieces like a printed jacket or shoes that pop. Let’s be real, you still want to stand out for those WeChat moments or Instagram.

- Pack more tops and dresses than bottoms. You’ll really only need to bring three to five basic bottoms—one or two pair of shorts, one or two pair of jeans, and one skirt. (I usually opt for a jersey pencil skirt, but a flowy maxi might be more your style.)

- Choose four pairs of comfortable travel shoes —sandals, sneakers, flats (I like my TOMS), and a pair of heels. I prefer a chunky heel, especially in Europe where the cobblestones are a plenty and wearing stilettos put you at risk for a trip to the ER.

- Remember, low maintenance pieces (i.e. linen is not your friend) and items that can mix and match are key. It’s useful to choose more elevated fabrics. For example, black jeans are easier to dress up and down than blue jeans, allowing for more versatility. Also remember to include layering pieces. Even in summer, you never know when you’ll need a light jacket or cardigan.

- Layering pieces, no matter the weather, can make or break your packing skills. Even in summer, you never know when you’ll need a light jacket or cardigan!

Accessories are an important aspect to ensuring you have some variety while traveling.

- Keep bags to a minimum, three should suffice. A backpack for the airport, a crossbody or tote bag, and a clutch are the most convenient options, perfect for a schedule packed with various events and for transitioning between day and night.

- Jewelry isn’t the easiest item to travel with when you think about the potential for tangles. I tend to err on the side of minimal and choose simple pieces, packed in small ziplock baggies. Pro tip: by leaving a bit of the necklace chain out and “zipping” around it, you can avoid tangles.

- Only pack everyday make up and skincare products. I like to bring a nice lip color that pops as well, for any nights out.

Many people suggest the rolling method but I personally take my folding tips from Marie Kondo and pack vertically rather than stack things on top of one another. This allows me to see everything I’ve brought at once, and even helps to avoid wrinkles.

Don’t let pre-flight preparations get the best of you, you’re going away to relax. So kick off your trip with this fuss-free packing plan!

*** Images from Google & City Weekend

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