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The Best Way to Redefine Your Style This Summer!

Everyone goes through a style rut from time to time, even me! We’re constantly sandblasted by current trends from our favorite fast fashion brands & may even be suckered into buying things that don’t really suit us.

We’re then left w/ a wardrobe filled to the brim & feel like we have nothing to wear! Not all trends or silhouettes work for every body type so it’s essential to learn what works best for YOU. Having an objective eye can help to redefine your personal style.

I’ll be in NYC the entire month of July getting certified @ the Fashion Institute of Technology. My schedule will be tight but have a few slots left & am currently taking appointments.

We all need the occasional update & if the stars align & you find yourself in the Big Apple during sale season, it just may be the perfect time to fill in those wardrobe gaps.

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

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