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Fast Fashion Vs Slow Fashion

A mega-industry that reels in about $1.44 trillion dollars a year casts a pretty hefty shadow on local small businesses, so it’s important to shine a light on the little guys who treat clothing as something that’s not only trendy but is also ethically produced. Just as we’d rather support small local farmers markets over big corporate organizations such as Wholefoods because they just care more.

It’s pretty easy to get caught in the riptide of visiting fast fashion stores to fuel a shopping habit. It’s inexpensive, effortless & everywhere.

Fast fashion: low-cost clothing collections from stores such as Zara, Forever21, or H&M that mimic the current trends which luxury design houses put out each season.

Slow fashion: brands practicing ethical manufacturing, use sustainable fabrics, promote safe working environments & source locally.

There’s one downside to slow fashion however, & it has a little something to do w/ the price tag. But there are several brands trying to alleviate this by keeping costs down & still maintaining ethical standards like Zady or Everlane & even in SH w/ our friends at Zurita!

Combining the speed of fast fashion w/ the quality of slow fashion, Zurita uses natural fibers in all their products, which focus more on solid colors & classic silhouettes. They’re both environmentally & socially conscious & believe in human(e) fashion.

Look 1:

Loving this silky tank! Because of its shine, which makes it feel a bit fancy, we’ve paired ours w/ boyfriend jeans & strappy sandals for that NYC cool girl vibe.

Look 2:

These trousers may look office ready, but w/them cuffed up & worn w/ slouchy tank & sandals, these are an easy, chic option for a breezy Sunday funday brunch.

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Maxime VDN

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