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How to Make Your Classics Edgy

photos taken from pinterest

When we think about those w/ classic style, Michelle Obama or Amal Clooney may come to mind. Their public positions, environment & occupation likely play a role in why they gravitate towards this classic style but they still manage to keep it looking fresh & modern. Try mixing your classics w/ prints, a pop of color or adding an unexpected element to get more versatility.

We all need quality classic pieces in our wardrobes, but while fashion is having a more maximalist moment, we may find it hard to use our classics in a way that feels current & gives off an edgier vibe.

We’ve taken a classic pantsuit & styled each piece to show off its versatility.

Look 1: Black trousers already give off a pretty dressy vibe, so we thought, why not pair them w/ the most basic thing you can find! A white tank downplays the fanciness & w/ a pair of white sneakers you can really keep it casual.

Look 2: To make the jacket seem less like office attire, we paired it with a romper & strappy heels. If you thought you couldn’t wear a blazer for a night out, think again!

A classic pantsuit doesn’t always have to be worn as such! Full sets are rather boring & sometimes can seem old fashioned. Take a look into your own closets & experiment w/ mixing it up! There’s a world of possibilites!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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