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Fashion Frenzy vs. Style Savvy


As SH fashion week just passed, it got us thinking about the difference between being fashionable vs. being stylish. Fashion is what we see on the runway & the trends that come out each season, while style is taking the trends & making them our own.

▲Top: H&M, Jacket: fabric market, Pants: COS, Shoes: Margiela, Necklace: Street vendor, Hat: Korean boutique


Following fashion, buying the trends & wearing them as dictated by runway shows, or our favorite fast fashion labels can take away the extra thought process. Dressing for fashion lacks originality & uniqueness, however it allows for the ease of looking put together, current, & knowing exactly which pieces go together. The problem w/ trends is that as soon as they become accepted by the masses, it’s already over. If we never see fishnets & corsets again, it’ll be too soon. That’s how quickly fashion moves & evolves.


On the other hand, style takes a bit more effort. You might take something current, pair it w/ a jacket you’ve had since you were in high school & accessorize w/ a mishmash of costume jewelry. This is where creative edge comes into play. Style looks good forever & is truly unique. The stylish woman is noticeable, doesn’t blend in w/ the crowd, & allows fashion to be something she uses to express her artistic side.


Many times when shopping for fashion rather than style, it can also lead to compartmentalization. Which boxes us in & makes it difficult to find ways to mix & match, resulting in several outfits in rotation rather than a closet full of possibilities. One of our clients used to hang all of her clothing by outfit. She sought out a stylist (that’s me) because she felt she had nothing to wear! She was missing out on a ton of combinations that had been hanging there all along!


A surefire way to elevate our style is mixing higher end, designer pieces w/ items we’ve collected from fast fashion shops or had made at the fabric market. Price point doesn’t have to dictate which items go together. Nor does it determine whether you’re fashionable or stylish.

Matching feminine pieces together or pairing classics w/ classics is too predictable. Instead, try mixing items that are categorically opposite. For ex: putting together a feminine pleated skirt w/ a masculine jacket. Change your thought process & shake up your style!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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