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Runway Recap | Stand-Outs

After a busy week of shows & events, we’ve selected a few of our favorite looks from various designers of the season. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to travel through time, therefore we were only able to make it to a handful of shows ;)


We love the juxtaposition that Veeco Zhao introduced in her collection. The softness of the pink, ruffles & tulle combined w/ the toughness of black & leather created a feminine yet edgy vibe.


Taking place in a hip, industrial space, FFIXXED Studios presented a show featuring clean-lines, impeccable tailoring & looks that are actually wearable in the real world.


Funded by GAP & Conde Nast, C.J YAO was refreshingly toned-down from last year even while still considering her trademark use of color. The show was well produced & fun to watch!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Naomi Ni Maxim VDN

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