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How To Wear Maximalism

Shanghai Fashion Week is just around the corner, and we’re anxiously waiting for China’s finest designers to parade their Fall/Winter looks down the catwalk.

Over the past five years trends have made a drastic swing from tasteful and minimal to bold, loud and rule-breaking. The trend is called “maximalism,” and fashion designers on every continent are basking in its glory. Our columnist Rui Cheng breaks down the trend into five easy steps.

1. Try mixing two different prints. An easy way to start is by keeping prints in the same color family—like red floral with red polka dots—or wearing stripes as neutrals. Or you can go head-to-toe with one pattern, like checks. Go big or go home!

2. If you like color, try pairing bold colors with each other rather than with denim or neutrals. Download a color wheel off the Internet and play with complimentary, analogous, or triadic color schemes.

3. Mixing textures and/or adding unexpected layers can add dimension to your look. For example, upgrade your jeans-and-a-T-shirt look to leather leggings, or throw a denim jacket on over a leather one.

4. Try a new hairdo or adding accessories. Whether it’s a bold scarf, a statement necklace or a furry key ring on your handbag, add embellishments to your daily routine. If you've been straightening your hair, try letting your lion mane go wild!

5. Take a style you already like and exaggerate it. For instance, if you like oversized pieces, try going extra-oversized. (I buy my hoodies XXL in the men’s section of Uniqlo!) Or if you prefer looking retro, try a statement jacket with big shoulder pads.

Remember, there’s no need to try and follow every trend out there. Be yourself—just pump up the volume!

Main photo from The Metropolist.

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