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Runway to Real-way: Spring/Summer 2017 Trends

It usually takes more than a quick glance and a reaction to interpret a runway look. When all we see are models wearing styles that we're pretty sure would never work on us, it can get a bit discouraging.

Thus, to make your life easier, I’ve chosen three of my favorite trends from the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows, and taken them from the runway to the real-way.

Trend #1: The Robe

Why would you ever leave the house in a robe you may ask? Good question. The robe you’re picturing might be made of thick terry cloth, but this trend is taking silky or soft fabrics and aiming to make them wearable for outside of your home.

How to wear it: Find a silky robe that reads more as a duster, than a bathrobe. Leave your slippers and curlers at home and throw it on over jeans and a tee for a cool girl vibe! To maintain a bit of elegance, keep it monochrome, and throw on a pair of nude pumps.


Trend #2: The Bralette

Bralettes and belly bearing crop tops are trends that we typically only deem runway walker appropriate. Your average woman isn’t going to walk down the street in a bra with a jacket layered over top, so what’s the solution if you want to follow this trend? Skillful layering.

How to wear it: Not many of us would be comfortable enough to wear our underwear as outerwear, but layering a bralette over a shirt with a leather jacket will downplay any risqué vibes and add interest to an otherwise basic look without showing off your belly button!


Trend #3: The Waist Cincher

While movement-restricting corsets have long since seen their time to shine in my opinion, we still have the likes of Kim Kardashian running around making “waist trainers” a thing. Possibly why we’re seeing waist cinchers on the runway this year.

How to wear it: Instead of thinking about it as some type of statement regarding female figure and how it should look, I’m choosing to think of it as an accessory. Throw on an otherwise simple midi dress and layer on the waist cincher for an edgier style! To keep it casual, add a denim jacket and pair it with some black flats!

I personally don’t tend to preach the following of trends, but as the shows come and go each season, it’s hard to ignore the new styles. My best advice is not to place too much emphasis on following every trend of the season but rather, take the ones that speak to you, and wear them as you feel fit for your personal style and body type. Then leave the rest behind!

***Written for City Weekend Shanghai

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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