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Define & Refine Your Personal Style

New Beginnings

We may experience many style evolutions in the course of our lives, which can come from the influence of celebrities, social media, travel & friends. This can make it difficult to identify our own personal style when we’re being pulled in ten different directions.


Growing up in NY, studying in Italy & living in SH for the past 9 years, I felt that I needed to simplify my life. I’d become uninspired, not because of a lack of options but rather having too many. On a recent trip to New York City, I enrolled in a styling course at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). We learned about the 7 universal style types. I identified mostly with the sporty, elegant, creative, & dramatic categories, which set me on a path of rediscovering my personal style.


Most of us are incapable of being in the moment. I’ll admit, I walk around the apartment while Sonic-Caring my teeth ; ) Hence the decision to take on my very own KonMari project. Her methods force us to look at each of our belongings & ask ourselves if it brings us joy? If not, we must thank them for their services. This way, our preferences become clear & we learn to be more decisive. After I got over the emotional hump of attachment, it became easier to purge. Then came the liberating feeling of being left with only things I love & I felt connected to. Once I finally cleared out the clutter of my past, I was able to really see what resonated with me in the here & now.


Believe it or not, even those who work in the fashion industry can fall into a style rut every once in a while. I was craving that extra oomph. The cleanout & the course really inspired me to make a change, however it needed to be appropriate for my lifestyle & be in the realm of my 4 fashion types.

As many of you know, the “top-knot” had become my signature hairstyle ;)

Despite that, I found it more of a security blanket. Letting go of attachment led to my decision to chop off the extra appendage that was the bun on top of my head. So, I went to the hairdresser & said goodbye to years of growth. A fresh start with my personal style also required a fresh cut (& color)!

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