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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I started thinking about partnerships and accepting one another’s differences. Some couples conform to one another to the point they’re no longer individuals, however, we should always remember to celebrate ourselves, not just our relationships.

An interesting anecdote lives in fashion blogger Leandra Medine of the ManRepeller, who’s entire online persona sprung from her unwillingness to compromise her personal style for the sake of finding a partner. The ManRepeller is just that—someone who wears the trends women love but men hate... Have no fear; Leandra found love without losing her fashion identity. Proof that confidence really is the best outfit!

Image by ManRepeller

I’m a strong proponent for self-love and wearing what we want not because someone told us to, but because it makes us feel powerful, confident, and beautiful. In fact, my boyfriend calls me an “ask-hole”…because I ask him his opinion and end up wearing what I want. ;)

As it’s my job to help people feel like their best selves, I looked to my friend/client, Amy and her husband, Pierre for a Valentine’s Day fashion experiment. The pair chose one look for themselves and another for their partner.

Pierre’s choice sticks within his comfort zone. According to Amy, Pierre has worn the same leather jacket since day one! Amy feels that their edgier looks attracted them to each other initially but her style has evolved, whereas Pierre’s hasn’t changed much.

She explained that “[she] really used to like the bad boy look with the leather jacket”, but now, prefers a simpler, more refined look. Which is why she chose for Pierre, a monochrome outfit comprising of a navy sweater, blue trousers, and cognac boots. The darker top and lighter bottom on Pierre are a great way to create balance and keep the focus on his lower half, giving him a more updated, modern look.

Amy’s preference for a cleaner and more tailored style lead her to choose a sophisticated, black knee-length dress with sleek, almond toe stilettos for an elegant look that elongates her petite frame. The black dress on Amy show off her feminine curves but combines a certain tastefulness that comes with age and maturity.

Similar to Pierre’s personal preference for himself, he put together a more youthful, edgy get up for Amy. He chose a shorter length printed body-con dress, bomber jacket and ankle booties, which might have been something Amy would’ve worn back when they first met.

In my opinion Amy’s choices are the classier, more sophisticated options for both her and Pierre. As our roles shift in life, our style should evolve with it. One thing people sometimes forget is that it’s not just about what you wear, but how you wear it.

Of course, there are no absolutes in life or in fashion, so don’t be afraid to give your wardrobe an update every so often. Use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love for your partner as well as for your number one: you!

***Written for City Weekend Shanghai

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Writer: Rui Cheng

Photographer: Judith Omoregie

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