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Best White Button-up for Your Body Type

We might automatically picture a stiff fabric with a collar when thinking about white blouses as we may typically see them matched with suits, but yours can be so much more than that. Look for variations in fabric, fit & style to find the one that’s most suitable for your lifestyle needs!

A white blouse is a closet staple & can be used in a variety of ways through creative layering & of course, more classic tailored looks.

For inspiration on the silhouette & fabrication that will work best for your figure, refer to the images below:



Why it works: A longer tunic style lengthens the torso making you look longer & leaner. As an added tip, avoiding high contrast colors on the bottom (like black leggings) will keep your look more balanced. Opt for filler legged, light wash denim or white trousers for a monochromatic look instead!


Inverted Triangle

Why it works: Peplum styles & soft shoulders are the perfect choice for an inverted triangle. Wearing extra volume around your hips & keeping little detail up top will help offset broader shoulders.



Why it works: A pear’s widest section falls around her hips, so that’s why her slender upper body can pull off ruffles, bows, draping & shoulder details. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with embellishments up top!



Why it works: Tailored tops are perfect for the hourglass figure as it shows off your best asset! This belted style emphasizes your tiny waist & hugs the body without being too clingy.



Why it works: For a boyish frame, use a slouchy or draped style as a way to add dimension, giving the illusion of more curves! You can experiment with soft fabrics, drapes, pocket detailing & a range of necklines!

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Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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