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1 Item 5 Ways | White Shirt Story

Compartmentalization is a surefire way to limit all the options we hold within our wardrobes. When we find that we’re only wearing our tuxedo jacket for a girl’s night, those perfectly worn in jeans exclusively for taking the kids to the park, or our white button up particularly for the office, we’re stifling our options.

We should try to avoid these labels because they limit our imagination & make it difficult to mix & match the items we already own. Your white button up is a versatile piece & an effective layering tool.

Crisp Classics: when wearing a statement piece, like this blue embroidered skirt, the perfect pairing is a classic white button-up.

Third Element: throwing on jeans and a top is the easy part. Adding a 3rd item like a hat or statement necklace takes the outfit from basic to chic.

Proportion Play: black on black can get a bit boring, adding dimension makes for a more interesting look

Unexpected Twist: boyfriend jeans and a slouchy top are the perfect casual attire. Adding a surprising layer, like this black turtleneck, gives the outfit a more eye-catching appearance.

Undercover Top: the white button up doesn’t always have to be the main focus. Keeping it a little bit hidden or undercover still gives the look a new element for added interest.

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Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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