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You’ve all seen them, you might even wear them…

Those overtly 90’s holiday sweaters that pretty much exist purely for the ugly Christmas sweater parties we see invites for each year. They can be bought for mere dollars at a thrift store in the U.S... We found them on Baopals for a slightly steeper cost.


As some of us are preparing for work events, or fancy New Year’s parties, others may be seeking the perfect “ugly” holiday sweater to jazz up their wardrobe for the winter season.

We thought it would be a fun challenge to find a holiday sweater, which is walking a fine line between obnoxious, kitschy & cute then, make it something of a fashion statement!

[LOOK 1]

Why it works: When wearing something a bit more ostentatious, like an ugly holiday sweater, pair it with something that speaks just as loudly, like these striped pants to make a statement... Go bold or go home!

[LOOK 2]

Why it works: Tone the ugly sweater down by layering it over a monochromatic chambray denim shirt & boyfriend jeans look to make it feel more effortless & casual.

[LOOK 3]

Why it works: Dress it up with a pencil skirt. The pattern, although not subtle, is actually considered a neutral (black & white goes with everything!)

Apart from spreading some holiday cheer, we wanted to show our readers that if you do anything with confidence & intent (even if it’s “ugly”), it just might work! Make a statement & set yourself apart from the crowd.

Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Photographer: Judith Omoregie

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