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1 Item 5 Ways | The Pencil Skirt

Versatility is key & the pencil skirt you keep tucked away for work or form all occasions most likely isn’t being used to its full potential! When choosing the perfect closet staple, pay attention to the following:

1. Fit: A pencil skirt can vary; some are straighter, some are more body-con.

EX: A body-con fit tends to give off a sexier vibe while a straight fit is more conservative.

2. Fabric: Different fabrics send different messages.

EX: A wool gabardine tends to look more exclusive for the office, making it tricky to pull off for other occasions, while a heavyweight blended jersey is more transitional & gives you the versatility that allows you to dress it up or down.

3. Color: New to this classic silhouette? Neutrals will be a more versatile & practical choice.

EX: A pop color is definitely unexpected, but when choosing a skirt that will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe, neutral colors give you more options.

To show you that your pencil skirt can be one of the most multifaceted items you own, we’ve created five looks using one black pencil skirt to inspire you to make yours more functional!

Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in chief: Rui Cheng

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