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INSPIRATION | Fashion Inspiration From Nature

In today’s fast-paced, technologically driven world, everything is meant to be more convenient. The very essence of technology takes us away from using our imaginations, thinking outside the box & living in the moment.

We realized we couldn’t remember the last time we walked around the city streets or in a park & just observed the nature around us (scarce as that may be sometimes). So, we decided to go for a walk sans phone & computer… only carrying with us our trusty camera for photos ;)

As we set out into the crisp autumn air, we started to notice things that we’ve never taken the time to truly see... Inspired by the textures, shapes & colors of fall, we had some fun translating the photos we took into different looks for the season.

In the 1st look, we were guided by the textures & colors of the greenery, sky & Ravenna grass. We may never have thought to layer a fur vest over an olive pea coat if it weren’t for this exercise, but we were truly impressed with the outcome!

For the 2nd look, we focused on the colors of the flower. Most people gravitate towards black or white or denim as a safety net…. Pairing bright yellow with a deep plum is an unexpected combination that totally works!!

And finally, in the flat lay, we used inspiration from a feather to create our look. We chose to focus on the print & texture & used pops of peacock blue to mimic the stark contrast of the blue spots.

This turned out to be a challenging yet super fun exercise! When was the last time you put down your phones & stepped outside?

Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

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