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Do You Know YOUR Body Type?

The first step in developing your style is knowing how to dress for your body type. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of trends that come out with each new season but forget what you see in the magazines, the key to dressing & feeling great in our clothes isn’t always about what’s on the runway. So without further ado, below are the 5 body shapes & their characteristics.


Your Characteristics:

-You carry weight around your midsection & your waist is undefined.

-You have fairly broad shoulders.

-You have narrow hips.

-Your best assets are your full chest & great legs!

Inverted Triangle

Your Characteristics:

-Your shoulders are wider than your hips.

-You have little waist definition.

-You project a sporty physique.

--Your best assets are your athletic shoulders & your awesome legs!

Pear (Triangle)

Your Characteristics:

-Your hips are wider than your shoulders.

-You have a defined waist.

-You have a narrow upper half.

-Your best assets are your tiny waist & narrow shoulders!


Your Characteristics:

-Your shoulders, bust, & hips are about the same width.

-You have a curvy bottom.

-You have a defined waist.

-Your best assets are your curves & your tiny waist!


Your Characteristics:

-Your shoulders, bust & hips are about the same width.

-You have little waist definition.

-Weight gain tends to distribute evenly.

-Your best assets are your arms, legs & your overall symmetry!

Stay tuned for weekly tips on key pieces for your unique shape!

** If you’re still not sure what body type you are, send a message to for your free 1 on 1 body type analysis!**

Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

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