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1 Item 5 Ways | Culottes for Cool Girls

Culottes are the perfect staple for spring & summer. It’s cool & breezy & saves us from the dreaded summer swamp a$$. Like any style, we must make sure to find the right fit for our unique body types.

▲ Petites: Opt for a higher waist style & not too much volume. This will make your legs appear longer w/out overwhelming your frame. Vertical stripes will help elongate the frame too!

▲ Apples: Go for a smooth waistband. Avoid gathers or anything to draw attention or add volume to the tummy area. Volume, brighter colors or prints below will draw focus away from broad torso.

▲ Inverted triangles: Seek out a bright or printed pair w/ some volume to balance out your wide shoulders.

▲ Pears: Find a slim tailored style in a stretchy fabric that’ll skim past hips. Avoid side pockets, as it’ll add volume to your widest point.

▲ Hourglass: Opt for a more tailored pair that hugs your curves.

▲ Rectangle: Choose a pair that’ll add dimension to your straight frame. Ex: one w/ pleating

Ideally, for all body types, the length should fall right at the bottom of your calf where the leg starts to thin out into the ankle. Anything that falls at the widest point will give the illusion of more width.

Check out our 1 item 5 ways | Culottes

▲ Sporty Chic - Perfect for a day on the go—pair w/ sneakers & a draped T for the ultimate cool, comfortable, chic look.

▲ Statement Shoe - For a little extra oomph, add a statement shoe & accessories for a standout look & a surprising twist.

▲ Open-back - For a night out, pair your culottes w/ an open back top & strappy, heeled sandals.

▲ Waist Define – The white button-up on it’s own may be a bit too much volume up top. Add a waist cincher to show off your waistline & be a bit daring w/ your style.

▲ Crop Top – If your culottes feature a unique waistline, a crop top is the perfect pairing, w/ just a sliver of skin visible.

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Jana Machackova-Oey

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