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SHFW Street Snaps: The Review

The street style crowd at fashion week kept it pretty cool & casual this season. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite looks along w/ some that didn’t quite make the mark.


We LOVE the subtlety of the green eyeliner paired w/ her mixed-material military style trench.

This guy gets it. His clean, monochrome, tailored 3-piece suit w/ the addition of the 2-toned tie makes a huge impact. LOVE!!!

A casual, relaxed suit w/ a pop of orange (complement of blue) is a creative way to use color w/ out being too matchy-matchy.

Her oversized, masculine look is played down w/ a touch of feminine lace.

This embellished bomber w/ it’s intricate detailing is one of a kind & really makes a statement! LOVE!

Adding an orange button up under neutral tones adds interest & makes for a relaxed, layered look (not to mention, tattoos always increase the cool factor ;)


While we love a little risk taking, this look introduces too many competing elements, leaving us unsure of where to focus. Next time, we’d suggest leaving the shin guards for the football field.

First & foremost, fit is key. Also, make sure to wear the proper undergarments as these elements can make or break an otherwise acceptable outfit.

We love this statement-making vest w/ the shoes, but we find the printed top underneath a bit too distracting. Perhaps swap it out for a clean, black or navy T.

Can’t have fashion week without a little weirdness! This one was clearly for attention, rather than for fashion ;)

Remember, fashion & art are subjective. Confidence is always the best outfit!

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

Photographer: Naomi Ni & Maxim VDN

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