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Best Leather Jacket for YOUR Body Type

As the weather begins to go from boiling to brrrrrrrrr! We find ourselves looking for the best layering pieces this fall. A leather jacket is a staple must-have item in every gal’s wardrobe.

No sense in scrolling through thousands of pictures or grabbing 20 items & overflowing your fitting room. Here’s your foolproof guide to finding what silhouette will work for you & why.

1. Apple

A simple, lightweight, longer style leather or suede jacket in a darker tone with minimal detailing will help to minimize & elongate your torso.

2. Inverted Triangle

Similar to apples, darker colors will suit you best. Since your shoulders are your broadest point, you’ll want to draw the focus to your bottom half. Thinner shoulder pads & soft shoulders are the way to go!

3. Pear

With your widest point falling around your hips, you’ll want to bring the attention up top. You can pull off brighter colors & details around the shoulder to create balance & minimize your hips.

4. Hourglass

With your curves & tiny waist, you’ll want to keep it tailored. A jacket that is fitted, belted &/or has darts will be ideal for you!

5. Rectangle

Being that you’re straight up & down, you have options. You can either choose to accentuate your long/lean frame with a longer jacket or add dimension with a draped style.

A final note from the editor:

Since there are many styles & trends each season, opt for a more classic style in a neutral color, especially if you don’t already own a leather jacket, as it’s an investment piece. If you’re like us & you have 1 for every day of the week, Go ahead & experiment with colors, details & textures!

Writer: Moira McNally

Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

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