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My husband and I always spoke about the idea of me trying a personal stylist because I did not have hobbies outside of work and family and fashion was always something I was interested in. Growing up I was surrounded by sisters but felt I never learned much about putting together an outfit or styling know-how.  When I saw Rui's other recommendations on Shanghai Mamas I asked her to meet for her first free consultation.  She met with me over an hour and asked questions that I have never asked myself before such as what needs I might have. Later she came to my house for a coset inventory which took only a few hours and from that I had a better idea of what pieces I was missing in my wardrobe and some of the fashion pitfalls that I kept falling into (always covering up my petite frame from head to toe) And we sent about 30 pieces of clothing to the tailor which saved me time and money of having to replace them. I asked Rui to use some of the time to shop.  The shopping trip was great to get me out there and try on different styles and learning what to look for. at the end of the trip, I didn't buy a thing because Rui encouraged me not to buy anything if I wasn't really in live with it or felt it was a match for me so that was a relief and later on I found the right pair after more digging.  My favorite part was the mix & match when I tried to complete an outfit by myself first- this was a good learning experience for me because Rui asked me to apply the fashion knowledge that I had learned and first try different silhouetted by myself.  She gave me good feedback on my tries then helped me to make the outfit more streamlined while making sure it included something special about the look. I would highly recommend Rui to other mamas who are in a rut after kids or looking to learn more about fashion.  She was very good about checking in on me and encouraging me to send photos of things I was trying on or outfits I had created which worked really well for me to feel supported in this endeavor.  you can contact her at






I was not sure if I should get help from a stylist. Having worked with Rui convinced me that this is something I should have done a long time ago. Her sense of style and her friendly, yet professional approach, have helped me a great deal in not only maximizing what I currently have in my wardrobe but have a clear path forward as to what I need to get next to intelligently complement what I have. Thanks Rui!






Style Consultation
After my second baby and several years abroad I was in a clothing rut.  I found some information on Shanghai Mamas about Visionaire ( , Rui Cheng’s style consultation firm and I decided to look into it.  After hitting it off in an initial meeting, I hired Rui.  She reviewed my closet, helped me to get rid or tailor items that did not suit me, create a wardrobe plan and have clothing made to fill in the gaps.  Rui is very proactive, positive and clear in her process and communication.  I appreciated her availability, her creativity and the honest yet polite feedback she gave me.  I like that she provides a style file, a take away at the end which you can refer back to for help putting a look together.  The most valuable part of the process was the education that Rui gave me which taught me to be able to create a style that I like and feel good in as style is not a one time fix but an ongoing process.   
I highly recommend contacting Rui at if you are in need of styling services.






Hi all-

I’ve been meaning to write this post forever. I just wanted to recommend Rui from Visionnaire personal stylist service.  It has been such a positive experience for me, I just feel like maybe some other mammas would benefit, too!

I met with Rui two years after my son was born.  It was baby number two and our last one and I really thought by that point, I would have gotten back in shape… but I hadn’t and there are muffin tops and rolls and all kind of bakery references to describe my body, so my wardrobe was all out of sorts. I literally hadn’t purchased new quality clothes in years because I didn’t want to waste money on what I thought was a temporary condition. lol. So my whole wardrobe consisted of H&M jersey black tops and jeans and other things that I thought were flattering.

We first did a closet detox which wasn’t actually didn’t take that long because I didn’t have much to go through.  She took pictures of me in my clothes.  That was tough!  Can you imagine my shock when I discovered that my “slimming wardrobe” of jersey and denim was actually not flattering at all?!  Next, Rui sent me a very detailed wardrobe plan with links to actual websites with items that would flatter my figure. We discussed my budget in advance so there were a couple of definite splurges involved (quality, timeless pieces), but nothing crazy and most things were completely in line with what I felt comfortable spending.

So what has changed? I don’t have nearly the anxiety I had before and I feel more confident when I have to get ready for a date night, girls night, or any occasion where jeans and an H&M top might be considered underdressed.  I now shop and think I have a mini Rui on my shoulder, advising me against too many details up top (I’m top heavy so need to keep things simple), telling me v-necks are my friend and encouraging me to have a little fun with pants because it helps balance out the top.

People kept asking me if I lost weight (and I wish the answer was yes!), but it was all about the clothes! Who knew white jeans (yes.. WHITE) and a navy top would be more flattering than bootcut jeans and a black jersey ruched top? Turns out, for ME, that is the case. That is the best part… everyone is different and has different issues and she really taught me how to dress for my body type.

I admit, I feel a little uppity saying “my stylist” but it really turned out to be more than just about clothes and my outward appearance. It really affected my self esteem.  I can’t highly recommend her enough.  





I also recently worked with Rui, who was recommended to me by another “Shanghai Mama” and I can only second all former comments.

She is super professional, clearly sees what looks good on you, but never is too “pushy”….My “problem” was: full wardrobe, but still sometimes not knowing what to wear….she helped to remove pieces which was probably not going to wear any time soon, but we also did a lot of alterations. She has the perfect alternation tailor in her “network” whom we jointly meet, so she could explain what to change….

She also did a wardrobe plan….showing what is missing/what to shop…whilst shopping back home, Rui was also super flexible to give “remote” advise……so if you like fashion and want to give yourself a treat, you need to meet Rui!






I was quite skeptical when I first heard of a stylist in Shanghai. I wasn’t sure I would want to spend the time and money for a service that seems intangible. After hearing about Rui from two different friends, however, I decided I would give it a try and meet with her. From the first meeting I was converted. We clicked right away. The result of our sessions was more than I had hoped for. Rui seemed to understand my personality and style and she was able to completely update and reorganize my wardrobe. I had wanted to simplify my life, be comfortable, yet fashionable. I now not only have a simplified wardrobe, but I was also able to slightly change a lot of my old clothes, which are now almost like receiving new clothes. Also, I now have a much better understanding of how certain styles look on my body and I notice how I shop very differently. I feel Rui has not only helped me with my closet at hand but showed me how to be more aware of what I like and need for future purchases.






Hello Ladies,

Getting ready for summer and feel like you have nothing in your closet to wear? Or are you just tired of wearing the same thing all the time and feel like you need a little help with your wardrobe? Well..I just had my wardrobe overhauled and I feel great!! I was feeling tired of wearing the same thing all the time and I just wasn’t happy with any of the clothes I had, so I contacted Rui at Vis-ion-aire. I thought I was going to spend a ton of money on new clothes, but it turns out I had a pretty decent wardrobe and wasn’t even aware of it.

Rui taught me what silhouettes work best with my body frame. We reviewed the items in my closet and she helped me to understand how each piece should look and fit. We then took my existing wardrobe - made some alterations and now I feel like a new person when I wear my clothes!

I think it really makes a difference when you take the time to work on yourself. We are all moms and wives and sometimes forget that we need to be pampered too. I feel better about myself now…and when I feel better about myself, the whole family benefits….

I thought I would pass along this information to all the moms who need a little pampering in theirs lives as well.

You can contact Rui at Have fun!!!





If there’s one thing you HAVE to do whilst in Shanghai it is GO AND MEET RUI CHENG!

When she was first introduced to me by a friend I was immediately taken by her professionalism and her easygoingness. I didn’t want to reinvent myself completely but felt like I could use some help after being lazy fashion-wise for the last years with little kids,… She listened carefully and understood. She never pushed me, never tried to change my style just subtly helped to make me look better, to understand what suits my body the best, how to enhance the good things and draw attention away from the not-so-good ones. We picked around 20 pieces of clothes from my closet that I hadn’t worn for what feels like ages. She had a tailor alter them and now I wear ALL of them again.

I loved that it is not only verbal conversations with her but that she takes before I after pics and sums it all up in a professional ppt afterwards. So now, 4 months later, when I can’t remember how she made that skirt look more sophisticated I just take out that ppt, have a look and feel grateful again!







When I started to go to Rui I was not sure what cloths suited me. I did not have to many pieces so it has been a joy to do some shopping. I did not bring all cloths to Shanghai from my home country.

Now I have realized how important it is to have the right size of the cloths for my body. To scale them down to a “petit size”.

I have also learned how important the silhouette are for the body. To show of, highlighting the good parts and to hide the part which is not so flattering.

And most of all I have learned to know Rui is a very nice person.






I've been struggling with finding pants that look nice on me forever, which resulted in me having a stack of (don\'t laugh) about 15 pants that I would never wear but could not get myself to throw away. In addition, I found that my wardrobe had become a mixed bag of styles. There was stuff that I had been wearing for 10 years, stuff I would never wear, a small selection of good clothes that I could wear to work. I found that I would dress too casually in the weekend (like, really casually, always the same things) and did not have good options for those in between occasions (work clothes too formal, casual wear too casual), like drinks with friends. In pictures I would see myself wearing the same things over and over.



After I had twins and moved to China, I stabilized on a weight just a little under my normal weight back home, so to add to my wardrobe issues I now found a lot of my items did not fit so well anymore. Enough reasons to call in some help!



I got 45 items tailored. Almost all of the pants I had on the shelf were altered and now actually fit me! Now when I look in my closet, I can't believe that everything in there I can wear. I shopped with Rui for some new pieces to add, and got rid of some stuff I really needed to get rid of. In all of this process, Rui was honest in a comfortable way. I did not feel judged, or pushed in a direction I did not want to go. Quite the opposite, she was able to see exactly what was needed to make my old items or newly made items fit perfectly. Even when I was ready to compromise, she would send it back to the tailor for a last round of alterations, and she was always right.



It all came together for me in the Mix and Match session towards the end. I actually got emotional at some point when I looked in the mirror in a brand new outfit and truly saw myself in the mirror. It's hard to explain. Somehow Rui had put her finger on what my style was/is and had managed to coach me in that direction.This has been such a great experience for me, I can't recommend Rui enough to anyone struggling with their wardrobe. She is a wonderful person to work with.Also, what made this such a valuable experience literally for me, is the fact that you start with your own clothes as a basis, and don\'t \'have to\' toss everything that does not fit you. To have items tailored gives such great value for money.



You can contact Rui through her e-mail address or have a look at her website at






Rui Cheng has a great eye, a strong sense of design, and an excellent sense how to make someone look amazing. Rui is well-trained by famous names and properly degreed in fashion, but what sets her apart is her natural sense of style - and how to make your shape, your current clothes, and your desired look really work for you. After getting a sense of what I wanted, she edited my entire closet in less than 3 hours, laid our a target shopping item plan, and organized tailors and shopping trios to get to the new look I desired. My new style is a combination of Monochrome/Clean lines, Vintage, and Rock-N-Roll Chic. Building up my new wardrobe taught me how things should look and now I can shop on my own to maintain. But Rui’s sense of customer service is endless - she still send me photos of things that she thinks I should try and buy. Overall, it was a great experience, and I had fun. Rui is funny and has a Hermes clutch full go one-liners-so I laughed even as I pulled out my credit card. Great as a gift to someone else-or just yourself. I fully recommend Rui Cheng.    













Hi, everyone. I want to HIGHLY recommend an amazing “stylist” who I recently used. Since I moved Shanghai and had my 2 children here I’ve really struggled with avoiding “frump”. I didn’t really know what to buy or where event shopping - and had a serious case of a closet full of clothes with nothing with nothing to wear syndrome.On the recommendation of one of my colleagues a few months ago I worked with Rui, as a “stylist consultant”. She came over, went through my closet and weeded out items that didn’t work for my figure, or needed to be tailored, and took me shopping to different places (including stores that I’d thought of as “too young” for me, like Zara and H&M, as well as her “secret” shopping place which had amazing designer pieces for a fraction of the regular price).I can honestly say she is fantastic, she really knows what works for people’s bodies and personalities and she’s quick and decisive. Everything I bought was great. She also had me tailor a bunch of existing clothes that I never wore and didn’t like (she told the taller what to do) and they all turned out beautifully - like new.Both my colleague and good friend have also hired her - we all different styles - but we all look much improved! And can all attest to her exceptional taste and sense of what looks good and what needs to be done.Now I actually have the opposite problem - too many things to wear.Rui offers 3 different packages depending on each individual’s need or availability - you can contact her at:      






I second this posting. I used Rui’s “stylist” services this summer and she was great in helping me weed through my closet; understanding and recommending what styles work for me; and helping me alter clothes that sat unworn in my closet for years, and which now fit me well (in some cases we removed sleeves, narrowed pants, etc…  all things I would not have thought of doing myself. She also helped me with a leather tote bag I wanted - she found the leather and had it made for me at a reasonable price. She doesn’t impose her sense of dress on you but seeks to find stuff that works for your personality and lifestyle. Try her if you’re in the market for wardrobe help!       






I can’t recommend Rui Cheng more highly. She has an innate understanding of what looks good on people and how to work with what they have. She doesn’t waste her time, but I didn’t feel rushed either. First she had me show her styles and pieces I liked and we talked about how I could incorporate them into my look. This was a great exercise for me to understand what I like and what looks good on me. We went through my wardrobe and she explained to me why things worked or didn’t, offered suggestions of fixes to save me from having to toss everything out, and showed me sample outfits I could put together from what I had on hand. Then we went shopping and she showed me colors, silhouettes, styles and combinations I would never have tried on my own. She suggested accessories and how to style the clothes. I really appreciated her approach. She is straightforward and to the point. There wasn’t pressure or encouragement to toss everything and buy all new clothes. She understood my financial, personal and stylistic constraints and choices, and worked within those boundaries to give me confidence to switch things up a bit. She encouraged me to trust my gut and experiment to learn what look good on me.

As a new mom, I’m often running around and don’t always remember to put myself together. Rui Cheng not only reminded me that looking good makes me feel good, she also gave me the tools to figure out how to look good without the headache, And she also reminded me just because I’ve now a mom doesn’t mean I have to dress like a “mom”. This was the best post-partum gift I could give myself and I recommend her services to any woman making the transition to mom-hood, looking to reinvent herself or simply wanting to show off who she really is.          












Rui is very personable to work with and is very effective as a personal stylist. Taking into account me personality, lifestyle and personal preferences, she was able to effectively identify the appropriate style of clothing that was best suited for me. She encouraged me to get rid of non flattering clothes, improved existing clothing with alterations and took me shopping and provided me the tools and information I needed to better select clothing more suitable for my body type and style when I’m shopping on my own. Before working with Rui, I was stuck into buying and wearing the same/similar clothes I’ve had for 10 years. She opened my eyes to all the small things that can be done to improve my appearance, making my new look more polished and age-appropriate. As a result, I have had numerous comments on my outfits on several occasions from work to personal functions - thanks Rui” 






Based on the glowing reviews on Shanghai Mamas, I decided to give Rui a call to see if she could help me out. Right from the get go we clicked and I have really enjoyed working with her over the last few weeks. Rui has a great eye for determining the best silhouettes for your body type and style preference. She has gone above and beyond in helping me purchase missing staples from my wardrobe by taking me to “secret” designer discount places, sending me links for suggested styles and general fun shopping trips around town to help me find key pieces. She knows how to customize your wardrobe to fit your style and budget needs. Another favorites part was having her seamstress tailor many of my existing items to be more current or just more flattering - a huge saving for me. Thank you Rui. 





Feeling like you’re in rut with what you wear or even buy? Want an updated look and to feel fabulous in your clothes? Then I would highly recommend hiring Rui to go through your closet and take you shopping. I wanted an updated look for my casual clothes. I work fulltime and have 2 small kids so have no time. Also, my body changed after the babies! Rui went through my closet and amazingly I could use a lot of it - it just needed to be tailored. I’m amazed at how well things look now that they fit properly and have updated lines! Also, though I detest shopping, Rui knew where to go and made it relatively painless to supplement my wardrobe with some much needed basics. She left me with an overall view of what I should shop for in the future given what I have and what looks good on me. Money so well spent as I actually wear what I have and what I have bought since! Let me know if you would like her contact details!       






After two and a half years of living in hot Mumbai, I felt lost trying to dress for the cold Shanghai weather, I could not remember (not that I was ever very good at it) how to put outfits together and how to layer clothes. It was then that I saw a recommendation about Rui by another Shanghai mama and I thought it would be the perfect solution to my wardrobe problems. Rui really helped me, firstly she made sure that all of my clothes fitted properly, most of my clothes were not very flattering because of the fit, so 80% of my wardrobe went to her tailor! She also made alterations to the clothes I was no longer sure about, such as cut off sleeves, converting dresses into skirts etc. After she gave me some ideas of things I would have never tried before, like belts to smarten or brighten up an outfit, long tops and leggings, comfortable blazers paired with jeans and dresses and so on. She also took me shopping to try and get the basics missing from my wardrobe and finally she came round again to do a final session of putting outfits together, with the altered and new items.

All in all it was a lovely experience, she gave me the confidence to try new things and I learnt how to dress to flatter my body shape. I feel I now have a made to measure wardrobe with interesting pieces and beautifully transformed items. Hope this is helpful to some mamas out there! 






Rui给我的不仅仅是在不同场合学会搭配自己的技巧,还有一种心态,一种发现身边美的心态和愉快积极的态 度。她会先到我家,对我的衣橱做一个整理,我们决定哪些可以留下来,然后Rui会分析我的体形和肤色,结合我的工作和平时出席的场合,给到我合适的穿着建 议和搭配技巧。我们会去找私人裁缝,把衣橱里决定留下来的衣服做一些改动,让它们焕然一新。最后,Rui会陪我去买衣服,给到我最适合的建议,还有她为我 做的PDF文件,这份文件是我会去遵守的穿衣指南。谢谢你Rui,你真的很棒!






“I am very happy with the image consulting service that I received from Rui. Her approach was not an” off the shelf” solution but instead was entirely tailored to understanding me, my style and needs and therefore developing a look and wardrobe that I can be comfortable with. She is passionate, personable and has a great eye for the style that works for me as an individual and in different personal and professional situations.”          







After reading this post, I also contacted Rui: I was desperate, still wearing pregnancy clothes 8 months after my delivery…I second everything that was said before, she has done an amazing job! I feel much better in my new clothes, I got my confidence back, and I will now be able to better choose my clothes in the future. She is so patient with the tailor, she doesn’t give up until the piece is perfect.

Plus Rui is fun, I really had a great time with her.

So if you don’t feel well in your new after - baby body, you don’t know what to wear, and you hate going to the fabric marker to make tailor made clothes that doesn’t fit and that you’ll never wear in the end, just get in touch with Rui. You will feel better and save money in the end.  Her contact details: or 186 21 79 7720. 







I was so excited to hear of a stylist in Shanghai. I left my wardrobe contained so many boring clothes and that I looked boring in them! I met Rui and immediately felt this lady could help me!

She came to my house and we did a health check on my existing clothes. We looked at what suited me, what needed to go and what could be altered. I was delighted and reassured to be told most of my clothes could be really good with a few small alterations. We altered lots and it is like having a whole new wardrobe! I feel more confident and less boring! We then went shopping and looked at silhouettes that suited my shape and purchased some basic things that were missing from my wardrobe. I have learnt so much and now shop and wear clothes with more confidence.

Rui is not only knowledgeable about clothes and body shapes bus is also very patient, kind and giving of her time - the definition of an excellent stylist!       






It’s my turn to recommend Rui Cheng! She has done an amazing job teaching me how to dress properly.  Now I know what to buy, what colors suit me, and what kind of pants not to wear. Was hard to hear it sometimes but the before/after pictures tell it all. It was also great not to have to go to the fabric market (the tailor comes to you) and have a specialist who sees every little details I couldn’t see on the clothes made. She helped me get my confidence back even with my after birth extra kilos and enjoy going through my wardrobe and find the right outfit.  A very good investment indeed! 






I want also to share my experience with Rui. Thanks to this site I was able to meet this nice person and great stylist. Rui is really professional and she is catching immediately the idea of what you want and what you need. We did an alteration of clothes that I would have never done by my own, some tailor-made pieces and shopping according to my budget and needs. I liked her approach a lot and fully satisfied with the service I got.    






I want to revive this post. After reading Adespard’s post - I contacted Rui myself. I am a working mum that was feeling very frumpy in my work clothes. What really surprised me was that in the end I did not go to any shops - but I still got whole new wardrobe. Rui and I went through my wardrobe together and selected about 20 items that just needed a tailor to ensure they fitted well, or were less frumpy (ex: hems up/ sleeves off, narrowing in of legs etc..) and in some cases a big change (ex: a dress cut to a great shirt). Her tailor was able to complete this really quickly. Then we met with another tailor and made about 15 new pieces - often using some of my old favorites as the basic design. I hate shopping so this was a perfect solution for me. Rui took the time and the honesty to tell me what looked good on me and what I should avoid. I certainly feel more confident and have warn some of her suggested outfits that I would not have tried before. Let me know if you want her contact details.   






What I really liked about Rui was her ability to understand my needs immediately and her no nonsense approach. Rather than go out on a shopping spree she helped me go through my wardrobe to discover what suited me best, put aside those items that didn't, organize for other items to be altered so that they were wearable again and make suggestions of clothing items to add to my collection.  Her final 'report' was very professional and I refer to it regularly to remind me of what to look for when I go shopping. Thank you Rui. 






“I highly recommend Rui - the amazing wardrobe consultant!   She’s a very fun person to work with on your wardrobe..  She gives very precise advice and guidance on your waistline, what fabric/ texture to look for to enhance your figure and ultimately what one should avoid wearing!! Not only that , I got more than 25 items altered by her tailor (with Rui’s supervision) and its  fitting me perfectly well and that i can make use of now!  I had a fabulous experience with Rui and I hope you too will benefit from her” J    







I wanted to recommend an amazing lady - Rui. She is a stylist who preciously worked in New York before she moved to Shanghai.

Following my 2nd child and getting back into shape (at least losing most of the excess baby pounds) I found my wardrobe was old and most of my clothes didn’t fit me or flatter me. I hadn’t been shopping in so long as I was either pregnant or in a post-baby phase (had 2 kids close together) so once I managed to reach my goal I decided to treat myself to a wardrobe and clothes refresh…. And it was one of the best things I have done.

There are various packages you can choose but I went for the middle one. Rui initially meets to discuss your aspirations and styles that you like before going through your entire wardrobe - mainly focusing on your silhouette and what items need to be adjusted, those that are fine as is, and clothes that should be thrown. I got 30 items adjusted from an amazing tailor (who works for Max Mara) and they were all great - total cost was just over 1000RMB - for 30 items I can now wear! Amazing!!! Rui also took me shopping - showed me new boutiques but also went to the staple shops - Zara, H&M and helped me find outfits that flattered my figure. I also had a number of missing key items (blazer, wrap dress) and some favorite dresses made - much better than going to the fabric market alone as Rui really helped guide the tailor, give advise on fabrics etc. This all finished with a mix and match session and presentation which pulled everything together e.g. What styles suited me, what I needed to focus on in the future etc…

So, long and short - if you are looking for a “new you” after having your kids - this is a wonderful treat…and it is something you probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to do back in your home country. Rui is lovely, and although I think I could have made some of these changes myself, I probably would never have done this without her, and she also gave me some great advice and guidance that I will take with me in the future. My husband has noticed the difference and is very happy I have finally sorted out my wardrobe. I highly recommend Rui’s services and would be happy to discuss offline.


BTW - Rui didn’t ask me to write this recommendation - I wanted to as this was a great experience for me and I feel many other moms would benefit too. If you are interested to hear more, please contact Rui directly: