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My Annual Master Cleanse Challenge

After spending the winter months hibernating, eating butt loads of meat & cheese that my BF’s parents’ smuggled over from Serbia, spicy hotpot & just about anything that helps you accumulate that fluffy winter layer, I like to put myself through the hell of not eating for 10 days to prepare for summer. So come May when the sunny weather gets us in that daisy duke kinda mood, it’s important to start it off right w/ glowing skin & cleaner pipes. Just like how you’d maintain your car, your body needs a reboot from time to time too.

The Master Cleanse is a combination of ingredients that help your body reset your PH balance & alkalize itself. This leads to higher immunity, clearer skin & the absence of any addictions such as alcohol, coffee, sugar or cigarettes prior to the cleanse. It also gives you more energy & mental clarity.

As w/ many extreme diets or cleanses there are pros & cons. I’ll lay em’ all out there for you.


- Feeling lighter: we often eat out of boredom, anxiety or stress rather than actual hunger. Ridding yourself of toxins by cleaning out your intestines not only shrinks your tummy but also helps to shed a few extra pounds.

- Clear skin: smoggy cities have a real effect on your pores even w/ the best skincare regimen. Lemons & maple syrup are full of antioxidants, vitamin C & zinc.

- Energy: you’re still getting nutrients & calories from the maple syrup as its low glycemic level provides prolonged energy.

- Lessens anxiety: certain foods can cause hard crashes such as coffee or sugar. After the cleanse, you'll feel rid of these cravings & therefore feel less anxiety.


- Less energy: since you’re not drinking your daily dose of coffee & consuming any food, you may feel a bit weaker.

- Cranky mood: subtract comfort food & I feel a bit more moody than usual, but like everything else, this too shall pass.


These extreme cleanses can be a bit daunting but if you can find a friend who will take the plunge w/ you it can make your venture much easier! Keep busy so your mind doesn’t wander too often into a pizza filled daydream!

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Editor in Chief: Rui Cheng

Writer: Moira McNally

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